• 20/04/2023
1024 576 Incubadora de Talento

The female participants of the third edition of the Women Talent 4.0 Program improve their communication skills with a workshop on “Keys to Good Communication”.

“Communication is key to professional success.” That’s something we all know, but how to do it is another story…

Controlling nerves, breathing properly in moments of tension when speaking in public, managing the “pulse” of the moment, active listening, avoiding repetitive phrases, making eye contact, smiling, nodding, being aware of non-verbal language, intonation… All of this is what was covered in the intensive 4-hour workshop attended by the women of Talent Mujer, led by Luis Ortega, an expert in communication and negotiation techniques.

Effective communication and transmitting messages correctly, both personally and professionally, is one of the most sought-after competencies by companies today. Adequate communication is a skill that can make a big difference and increase the chances of success in any situation, especially when in leadership roles.

The art of communication also has a positive impact on personal self-esteem and decisively influences how others perceive us, which is why the Program includes this seminar where participants have the opportunity to experience and learn, through dynamic and practical activities, how to enhance this essential competency for their future careers.

The workshop, sponsored by the multinational company Alight Solutions, took place on Thursday, April 20th, from 16:00 to 20:00, at the ODS seminar room at the Escuela de Caminos of the UGR.