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October 2021


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The Talent Incubator and Amazon Web Services launch the AWS re / Start initiative, an ambitious and innovative training program aimed at helping people without prior computer training find jobs related to the digital cloud

The Talent Incubator of the University of Granada continues its collaboration plan with leading companies for the development of micro-certificates that promote employability and begins from October 4 to December 22 a specific course on Cloud Computing. This pioneering collaboration between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the University of Granada is aimed at improving the professional possibilities of unemployed or underemployed people. For the first time in Spain, a university and AWS collaborate to launch the AWS Re / Start program that focuses on offering intensive training in the field of digital cloud to people with no previous experience in the computing field.

To do this, the Talent Incubator has selected 25 people interested in boosting their professional careers, mostly women without experience in the computer field and will dedicate part of their teachers to carry out this intensive 12-week training aimed at enabling them to work in the field of the digital cloud. AWS has collaborated with the university by providing the didactic material and experience of its Re / Start program, which is especially focused on professional introduction to the Cloud field. The people selected to participate in the program will receive free training in the innovation laboratories of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Granada and will have the support of professional mentors and specialized university professors who will develop the eminently practical contents of AWS re / Start based on scenarios and real application cases. In addition, the Talent Incubator of the University of Granada has paid special attention to the soft skills that are part of the program and specific seminars are planned in the areas of: communication, leadership, adaptability to change, and practices related to Job search.

The course offered by both entities responds to a real need for professionals in this sector. A recent LinkedIn report has highlighted that knowledge about the digital cloud is one of the areas most in demand by companies in the last three years. In fact, a recent survey of IT managers in companies (included in the so-called “Pathfinder Report”) showed that nine out of ten managers highlighted the difficulty of finding qualified people in this field and considered that the skills gap Digital technologies make it extremely difficult for their organizations to advance in technology.