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October 2020


1024 734 Incubadora de Talento

The multinational specialized in the digitization of human resources management based in Granada, Alight NGA HR, announces after the meeting of the Joint Committee of the Chair of Talent and Leadership that it will not only maintain the collaboration that until now it had with the University, but is going to make an important effort to find new lines of work and finance new projects.

For Aitor Vinós, vice president of Alight NGA HR, “in difficult times, being positive and working with greater dedication is key to getting out of the situation. Talent is vital at this time and that is why we invest in this type of program ”. At the meeting of the Mixed Commission, those responsible for the Talent Incubator informed the rector of the University, Pilar Aranda, about the implementation of the programs “Acceleration of Professional Skills” and “Talent Woman 4.0”, initiatives aimed at discover and support the development of young university students with high potential, and the work that is being carried out in parallel to create new programs and initiatives that have a greater scope.

In the words of Alberto Aragón, director of the Talent Incubator, “we are really proud to have created such a productive public-private partnership that offers so many benefits to participants”. “All the students in our programs highlight the practical aspect of the training they receive and the personal and professional growth they experience after passing through the Talent Incubator”.

It is now the fourth year that the Talent Incubator has been working hard to create these projects aimed at complementing regulated academic training with the development of certain high-performance skills that allow the best students at the University of Granada to better adapt to the current professional world. The programs work on leadership skills that point to the emotional and interpersonal side and, unlike the hard skills that are identified with curricular academic knowledge, they are skills related to the integrated implementation of skills, personality traits, knowledge and skills. acquired securities.

In addition, all programs also have a development in the social sphere, highlighting the importance of future leaders being aware of the value of human relationships and establishing sustainable bases, not only for their own and personal development, but also for the advancement of the environment around them.

Lola Vidal, coordinator of the Talent Incubator, considers that “growing up right now is a privilege. It is a manifestation that at the University we are capable of innovating and collaborating closely with the business sector. We are in a complicated situation but when a clear value is generated for all those involved, the private company is committed to working with the University “.