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March 2024


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The Talent Incubator held a new seminar aimed at enhancing teamwork skills among future professionals.

On March 20th, the workshop titled “Together We Achieve More” took place, led by Gema Campos, an executive and team coaching specialist.

This workshop, held at the Faculty of Economics and Business, had the primary goal of providing participants with practical tools to improve their ability to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams. This seminar is part of the Competence Acceleration Program, sponsored by the company “Alight,” which has demonstrated its commitment to the professional development of young emerging talents.

The Competence Acceleration Program consists of 20 students, a group with high potential and strong motivation to excel in the professional world.

In summary, the teamwork workshop “Together We Achieve More” was an enriching and transformative experience for the selected students, providing them with the tools and skills necessary to excel in a collaborative and demanding work environment.


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The CB Granada celebrates its victory with collaborators and participants of the talent development program.

Last Sunday, March 10th, CB Granada celebrated a memorable victory against Bilbao Basket, and among the privileged spectators who shared this epic moment were the participants of the Competence Acceleration Program (CAP). The team’s victory, an unforgettable moment for the sports community, was captured in an exciting snapshot that brought together prominent members of the program, the team captain, and essential collaborators.

The photograph, taken at court level, features the team captain, David Iriarte (@diriurdi), sharing the excitement of the triumph with the participants of the Competence Acceleration Program, Javier Toni, VP Application Services of Alight Solutions, and Juan Alberto Aragón, professor at the University of Granada and Co-Director of the UGR Talent Incubator.

The support of these talented young people, along with 8,000 other passionate fans, was crucial to CB Granada’s success on the court, highlighting the importance of teamwork and collaboration in sports.

The CB Granada Foundation and Alight Solutions (@alight_solutions) hosted this exciting encounter, bringing together the sports and academic community in an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie. We especially thank Pilar Guillén (@pilargu) from Alight Solutions for her generous invitation and continued support to Granada’s sports teams, as well as the University of Granada (@canalugr) for making this enriching experience possible.

To the participants of the Competence Acceleration Program, selected for their outstanding academic performance in various faculties and schools of the University of Granada, we extend our gratitude for their exceptional dedication and contribution to the success of this exciting event.

May this victory inspire future generations and further strengthen the bonds between Granada’s sports and academic community.


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On March 13th, participants of the Acceleration Program had the opportunity to attend a specialized workshop titled “Overcome Your Limitations,” led by coaching expert Jorge Blanco from the Senttia Leadership School. The event took place at the Faculty of Business at the University, with the aim of serving as a point of reflection and inflection for attendees by offering them tools and strategies focused on overcoming personal and professional barriers.

The workshop is meticulously designed to learn how to confront a wide range of limitations, fears, and barriers that professionals frequently face on their path to success. Blanco, with his extensive experience in the field of personal and professional development, promises to provide a dynamic and transformative learning space.

In the words of Jorge Blanco, “At Senttia, we firmly believe in the power of self-awareness as a cornerstone for success. This workshop will not only offer techniques to identify and overcome internal limitations but will also provide a space for deep reflection and personal growth.”

Participants in the program, selected for their potential and talent, thus had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a guided introspective process designed to develop their full potential. This event is one of the many activities organized by the program to provide its members with cutting-edge resources and access to tools used by business leaders.


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In an initiative that demonstrates the strength of teamwork and the social commitment of the new generations, twenty young participants of the Professional Skills Acceleration Program visited the Foundation School of Solidarity on February 5th. This meeting, more than just a simple visit, turned into a day of collaboration and mutual learning.

The Foundation School of Solidarity, known for its tireless work in support of vulnerable communities, opened its doors to this group of young people with the aim of developing essential skills in the modern working world, such as teamwork, effective communication, and management of collaborative projects. But, beyond technical training, this experience sought to instill values of solidarity and empathy in the program’s participants, demonstrating that professional success is also measured by the positive impact on society.

During the day, program participants listened to testimonies from the Founder, Ignacio Pereda, as well as from people who are or have been beneficiaries of the services provided by this Foundation. Pilar Guillén and Alejandra Vílchez from Alight Solutions, the sponsoring company of the Program, also accompanied them on this occasion. As a result of getting to know the Foundation, the 20 young people established an action plan to help cover some of the most pressing needs of the entity. From organizing fundraising events to developing concrete actions to help improve facilities or implement educational programs, the young people have set out to work side by side with the members of the foundation.

This initiative not only benefits the Foundation School of Solidarity but also represents a valuable learning opportunity for the involved youths. “This experience of contact with the reality of poverty and extreme need has been truly enriching,” commented one of the participants. “We learned that true leadership involves serving others and that, by working together, we can make a significant difference.”

This event is an example of collaboration between the educational sector and non-profit organizations, demonstrating the power of education in shaping committed and supportive citizens, and constituting a model to follow for the training of future generations of business and social leaders.

In a month and a half, the young participants will have a new Day where they will show the results of the teamwork and solidarity actions they are going to develop in the coming weeks to meet the collaboration commitments they have acquired with the Foundation.