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March 2020


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The Talent Incubator of the University of Granada has reacted quickly to the current situation of health crisis, quickly adapting and redesigning its training programs to teach them in e-learning mode.

This academic year, the Incubator started three different programs, all with the aim of empowering the participating students with their talent and leadership so that they learn to apply their potential to the existing reality and to assess how they could improve it in the future. The Covid-19 crisis has led to reinforce the importance of this objective, together with the need to change the approach of many of the activities carried out.

In this context, the Incubator has wanted to maintain its planned activities, restructuring the formats but maintaining the essence of the programs and the purposes for which they were created. In this way, the Incubator responds in a manner consistent with a University that has accepted the current challenge by staying active and training its students day by day.

Given that most of the incubator’s training activities were not only face-to-face but experiential in nature on a methodological basis of “learning to learn, doing and experimenting”, the challenge is to transfer this teaching-learning model to digital format. However, each activity is being redesigned to increase students’ ability to take on challenges and develop flexibility and adaptability as key competencies for their future.


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Future leaders need to communicate effectively. And since improving communication capacity is possible, the Talent Incubator includes in all its training programs, training activities aimed at developing this key competence for personal and professional success.

As the poet Joseph Brodsky already stated in expressing “Take care of your vocabulary as if it were your checking account”, communication is something that nobody should lose sight of. What is said and as it is said, has a huge impact on the results of any person. Therefore, in the Professional Skills Acceleration Program of the Talent Incubator, knowledge and skills in this field are considered vital for any professional of the future. If communication is mastered, much of the path is already taken …

The seminar “The challenge of communicating effectively” took place yesterday Thursday, March 5, at the Faculty of Business and was taught by the Improbesame company: experts in the development of skills for the company. During the seminar, effective communication and discourse construction techniques were worked on, as well as strategies to overcome stage fright.

The seminar, eminently practical, has been designed following an active methodology based on games and dynamics, many of them coming from the theatrical field where to communicate it is not enough to transmit a message, but it is possible to transmit a coherent emotion to the message that makes the Communicative process a vital tool.

The activity is part of the program of activities of the Chair of Talent and Leadership of the University of Granada, sponsored by the company Alight NGA Human Resources.