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November 2023


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The Talent Incubator of the University of Granada held its sixth annual Alumni Meeting on Friday, December 1st, with an intensive program developed at the Health Technology Campus. The event was attended by teachers, sponsors, and over 100 alumni from the 19 programs that the Incubator has developed over the past years in collaboration with leading companies such as Alight, T-Systems, AWS, Google, Lactalis Puleva, and Leroy Merlin, among others. The meeting served as a platform for alumni and faculty to share memories, new experiences, and strengthen their professional bonds.

The alumni events of the Talent Incubator are part of the “Talent UGR Alumni Lounge” initiative, which aims to be a vibrant and collaborative community. Different group dynamics were carried out during the event, coordinated by Professor Lola Vidal, co-director of the Incubator, aimed at strengthening bonds through interaction, experience, and fun. Subsequently, Professor Blanca Delgado, coordinator of the Incubator’s alumni program, interviewed Professor Pilar Aranda, former rector of the University of Granada, followed by a valuable colloquium with the attendees on how to cultivate, build, and manage talent.

Finally, a roundtable discussion on the “Future of Talent and Professional Opportunities in the Era of Artificial Intelligence” was held, with the participation of the current Rector of the University of Granada, Pedro Mercado; the Vice President for Application Services at Alight, Javier Toni, and the Senior Advisor at T-Systems Iberia, Aitor Vinós. The discussion was moderated by Professor Alberto Aragón, Professor of Business Organization at the University of Granada and co-director of the Talent Incubator.

Throughout the event, recognitions were awarded to three individuals who the Talent Incubator and its alumni selected “for their personal commitment to strengthening the professional opportunities of young people through the relationships between university and company” during these years of operation of the Talent Incubator.

The event was concluded by Rector Pedro Mercado, followed by a cocktail sponsored by T-Systems and Alight companies at the university campus dining facilities.


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Training in change and the unexpected makes learning through fun a valuable tool for acquiring essential skills and tools.

Many education experts argue that the best way to learn is through fun and entertaining activities that enhance students’ attention and motivation. Games are a way to simulate reality and a learning tool to gradually and enjoyably train and learn complex problem-solving. Well-applied games require good communication and activate learning mechanisms by impacting the emotional area, helping to deal with concepts such as failure, effort, complexity, and more.

In this workshop, the participants of the Women Talent 4.0 Program engaged in a learning session focused on adapting to change and solving challenging problems using the gamification technique of an Escape Room. This technique allows participants to learn how to overcome challenges as a group, solving problems within a controlled time frame that induces considerable stress. It is a challenging and demanding learning activity that develops various skills such as empathy, conflict resolution, imagination, teamwork, attention, planning, memory, goal orientation, collaboration, and more. The workshop was led by Alejandro Ortiz, a professor at the University of Granada and an expert in human resources management and leadership skills, and was funded by Alight Solutions, the sponsor of the Chair of Talent and Leadership.


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On Friday, November 24th, the final touch was put on the Innovation Hackathon organized by the Talent Incubator in collaboration with the multinational company Lactalis Puleva

Following the incredible experience on November 10th, where 70 student groups tested their skills to tackle a challenging yet enjoyable real management challenge proposed by Lactalis Puleva, the final awards gala took place last Friday. The six finalist groups presented their projects, demonstrating their high potential, mastery of project presentation and communication skills, and the ability to respond professionally to the jury’s questions.

It was an intense afternoon, full of nerves, where very interesting projects were presented, loaded with creativity and exposed with tremendous talent and passion!

The jury consisted of Lactalis Puleva executives: Miguel García Cuesta, Marketing Director; Sonia Rodríguez Muriel, HR and Talent Director; Federico Lara Villoslada, R+D Manager; Luis Enrique García Ayuso, Quality and Food Safety Director; and Rafael Angulo Cano, Commercial Director. The jury did an excellent job providing valuable feedback to the participants on the different proposals.

In addition to the jury members, part of the Lactalis Puleva professional team that accompanied the students in this adventure was present: Estefanía Moreno Pérez, María Reyes Roldán, Cristina Lucendo, Oscar Mexia, and Lucia Alcaide Camino, along with professors from the University of Granada who had previously supervised and evaluated the works: Nuria Esther Hurtado, Maria Ruiz, Natalia Ortiz-de-Mandojana, Encarnación Garcia, Juan Valbuena, and Elena Mellado.

But of course, the most important part of the gala was the award-winning groups:


Project: Puleva Nutrineu

Team Members:María Arroyo, Alba Caballero, Paula Díaz, Natalia Muñoz and Lucía Rodríguez


Project 1: Greenmat

Team Members: Rafael Fernández, Eduardo Duro and Álvaro Fernández

Project 2: Puleva Nature

Team Members: Manuel Gallego, Alejandro Rodríguez and Manuel García


Project 1: Cocolé

Team Members: Carmen Mateo, Ana Montero, Tatiana Dhanani and Carmen Trinidad Muñoz

Project 2: Pumpkin by Puleva

Team Members: Marta Navas, Ana García, Martina de la Vega and Laura Durán

Project 3: Vilky by Puleva

Team Members: Andrea Sofia Tello, Norma Cabrera, Martina Michelazzi and Pedro Arana


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On Tuesday, November 14th, the 15 participants of the Women Talent Program attended the opening event and the specific workshop titled “Your Attitude is the Key.” The workshop aimed to enhance key competencies such as emotional intelligence and the ability to respond to changes.

Having a positive attitude makes a difference. Attitude is the disposition adopted when facing different situations in life and largely defines the quality of personal and professional relationships. In interactions with others, whether consciously or unconsciously, positive or negative sensations are conveyed, which others can perceive and value. This, for example, is crucial in work teams to achieve objectives.

Therefore, the first workshop of this program, led by Lola Vidal, focuses on attitude and works on key aspects to develop behaviors that enhance both professional and personal relationships.

The opening event featured the participation of Pilar Guillén, Success Factors Global Delivery Centers & Service Management Director, and Alberto del Val, Talent Acquisition Senior Manager of Alight Solutions, the sponsor of the program.