The Incubator Programs

TAO Expert Program in Digital Transformation of Public Administrations. III EDITION

The TAO Expert Program is a program aimed at offering advice, training and paid professional experience to students with an interest in improving public services, with the objective of helping them to start a successful professional career in a leading multinational company in the digital field.
TAO Expert includes, in addition to 2 and a half months of intensive digital training, specific training in leadership, communication and high-performance soft skills and has a commitment to hire 50% (minimum) of the training participants in T-Systems Iberia, a leading multinational company in digital services based in Granada. This percentage may be higher depending on the evolution of the market and the needs of the company.

Lactalis Puleva – UGR Innovation Hackathon

The traditional goal of “hackathons” has been to develop the most accurate solutions possible for real challenges within certain constraints and a limited time frame. While “hackathons” originated in connection with technological challenges (mostly in the field of programming), the Lactalis Puleva – University of Granada Chair for Intrapreneurship and Innovation has developed this innovative program that incorporates some traditional characteristics of “hackathons” and adapts them to address practical and collaborative responses to challenges that require organizational and management solutions and proposals.

Lactalis Puleva Industrial Opportunity Day

A training program aimed at providing guidance, training, and professional experience to university students to help them start a successful career in a top-tier multinational company. The initiative is targeted at bright students in their last and second-to-last year of undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as recent graduates from the University of Granada. Prior work experience of any kind is not necessary to participate.

Lactalis Puleva Business Opportunity Day

The University of Granada, in collaboration with the multinational Lactalis Puleva, will develop a specific program aimed at university students who wish to boost their professional careers. This program is open to students who want to train in management skills and soft skills to embark on a successful career suitable for their profile. If you have just finished or are completing your university studies, check out this professional development program that we have prepared for you.

4th Edition

Women´s Talent Program 4.0

This training program offered by the Talent and Leadership Department is directed at women who are currently in their last year of a degree or postgraduate course at the University of Granada.

It offers guidance, training and professional experience to talented women students to get them started in successful careers in digital companies.

III Edition Poli-lingua Program

Training program in personal and digital skills for University of Granada students who have strong language skills. The program offers training and professional experience for launching a successful career in digital business. The initiative is aimed at brilliant students in their last year of undergraduate and postgraduate studies who have a high level of English, French, German, Dutch, Danish or Italian. Previous studies or experience in new communication technologies is not required for enrollment. Information or communication.

Young Talent Programs:

a unique opportunity

The University of Granada is collaborating with the multinational Leroy Merlin to develop an initiative aimed at young university students interested in boosting their professional career. The programme is open to university students who want to train in management skills and soft skills in order to start a successful professional career that matches their profile. If you are finishing your university studies, check out the two professional development programmes we have prepared for you.

Future and Sustainability:

Research for a Better World

The Digital Sustainability Innovation Chair of the University of Granada is organizing the FYS event as a meeting and exchange point among a selection of the best researchers who are developing their doctoral theses, or have recently defended them, on topics related to sustainability. We aim to make it an interdisciplinary event, inviting people from different doctoral programs to participate and address the multiple technological, social, scientific, and economic perspectives that sustainability encompasses.

Google Cloud Digital Leader

This programme aims to enable the person who completes the course to act as the professional with the ability to interpret the needs of the company and connect them with the possibilities of the digital cloud.