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October 2023


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After the success of the first 3 editions, the 15 new participants of this fourth edition of the Talento Mujer Programme have already been selected.

Digitalisation has spread to all aspects of life, and digital skills have become basic tools for accessing the numerous professional opportunities that the current labour market offers.
However, research on the gender digital divide indicates that, despite all efforts, the gender digital divide in Europe continues to grow. Currently in Spain only 19.4% of all ICT (Technology, Information and Communication) specialists are women and only 19% of companies in the sector have women among their management staff. Thus, despite the fact that the technology sector is growing at an unstoppable rate, offering the best paid jobs and great professional opportunities, the presence of women continues to be very low and with a negative growth trend.
The University of Granada is establishing internal policies aimed at providing solutions to these challenges and, thanks to the sponsorship of technology companies based in Granada, they are committed to developing female digital talent.

The fourth edition of the “Talento Mujer 4.0” Programme will offer 15 brilliant students from different STEMS (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) university degrees the opportunity to develop their digital talent.


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The Incubator of Talent participated in the Professional Day organized by the Student Council of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The goal of this event was to inform students from various degree programs within the Faculty about the different opportunities that both public and private organizations offer to enhance their employability and boost their professional careers.

The Incubator of Talent had a stand where information about the current professional development programs was provided. This included details about the companies sponsoring these programs, which offer direct employment opportunities, and the benefits of being a part of the TalentiaPoint community.

Other organizations that participated in this event included the Professional College of Economists of Granada, UGR Entrepreneurship, UGR Employment, and Alumni UGR.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Student Council of the Faculty of Business for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this event aimed at providing students with tools to enhance their employability and access professional development programs.


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3… 2… 1… The TAO Expert Program in Digital Transformation of Public Administrations in the Tax Field Begins!

The Talent Incubator and the multinational T-Systems Iberia have launched the TAO Expert Program in Digital Transformation of Public Administrations in the Tax Field, a specific and highly practical training program aimed at enhancing the quality of public services and promoting digital transformation.

Today, on October 2, 2023, the University of Granada and T-Systems Iberia inaugurate this training program aimed at improving the digital management of public services based on the Tao software, one of the most widely used by local public administration in tax management.

During a period of intensive working sessions, participants receive hands-on training delivered by professionals in Tao software. They design the necessary processes to improve digital management, coordination, automation, accessibility, and transparency of public services. In this way, this leading program supporting public digitization will enable participants to be highly prepared to embark on a successful career in multinational digital companies.

This training is complemented by experiential seminars that focus on soft skills, which, in addition to enhancing participants’ socio-emotional capacity, strengthen their ability to tackle business projects efficiently and effectively. These seminars develop key professional skills considered crucial in today’s business world, such as teamwork, creativity, effective communication, time management, critical thinking, and decision-making, among others.

The program is completely free for selected participants and comes with a commitment from T-Systems Iberia to hire at least 50% of the individuals who complete the training program, with an expansion of up to 100% if market conditions and results are favorable.

We are training to lead the change towards a more digital and efficient future!

For more information about the TAO Expert Program in Digital Transformation of Public Administrations in the Tax Field: