Talent Incubator

Investing in the leaders of tomorrow

The University of Granada has launched the first Talent Incubator in a Spanish university and one of the first in a European university. The University of Granada’s Talent Incubator (IdT) is an innovative initiative aimed at encouraging high-potential young adults to strengthen their personal and professional competencies and achieve successful and responsible transformations not only in the organizations in which they work, but also in their social environment.

The University of Granada’s Talent Incubator (IdT) follows the tradition of talent incubators of some of the most innovative companies in the world and several universities, especially in North America, which invest in talented young people in order for them to reach their maximum potential. The University of Granada’s historic experience, its reputation as the second most important university in Spain according to the prestigious Shanghai ranking, its more than 60,000 students in multiple academic fields, and being a European leader in receiving and sending students to and from other countries constitute a powerful basis for this Talent Incubator.

In a context which is increasingly complex, heterogeneous and globalized, having the ability to manage teams and projects is key.

Training Leaders

In a context which is increasingly more complex, heterogeneous and globalized, having the capacity to manage teams and projects is key.
The Incubator aims to complement formal education syllabi, which is the nucleus of different university courses, with the development of specific high performance competencies that enable students to better adapt to the professional world and which offer them the opportunity to become leaders in these fields. These leadership skills target emotional and interpersonal aspects and, in contrast with the hard skills acquired through formal education, the competencies developed in the programs and activities offered in the Incubator, deal with the integrated implementation of aptitudes, personality traits, knowledge and values acquired.

Generating Commitment

Professional competitiveness generates tendencies towards developments which do not take into sufficient account important social implications or business ethics. The University of Granada’s Talent Incubator (IdT) is based on the importance of our future leaders being aware of the value of human relationships and of establishing sustainable foundations not only for personal development, but also for the advancement of their environment.

Building confidence

The present situation fuels uncertainty over the possibilities of new generations. The University of Granada’s Talent Incubator (IdT) is optimistic about the potential and commitment of today’s youth in transforming the future. Training in leadership, team work, problem solving, creativity, change management, innovation, self-learning, and effective communication, among others, will be useful in improving self-esteem, which the Incubator intends to foster in young adults with high potential.

Activities offered by the Incubator

Specific Training Programs

The programs are aimed at university students with high potential and thanks to the financial support of the Chair and its sponsors they are carried out at no cost. 

Seminars and workshops

Throughout the year the Chair offers seminars, conferences and workshops aimed at anyone interested in learning about topics such as leadership, emotion management, creativity, personal development.


The research team of this Talent Incubator is forming by University of Granada (Spain) professors.  This team is researching on topics related with the main programs developed by the Talent Incubator and its results.