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September 2023


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The Talent Incubator and the multinational T-Systems Iberia have launched the #youlearnSAP Program, a specific and highly practical training program to train SAP consultants with great professional potential.

The University of Granada and T-Systems Iberia inaugurated the #youlearnSAP Program. This training program is the result of an intense collaboration aimed at transforming 25 students from various academic backgrounds into highly skilled consultants in SAP enterprise management software.

The main goal of the #youlearnSAP Program is to provide students with guidance, quality training, and paid professional experience, focusing on those interested in digitization and developing successful careers with a leading multinational in the digital field.

One of the program’s highlights is the practical training that students receive in the use of SAP software, along with the development of key professional skills in today’s business world, such as effective communication, assertiveness, teamwork, time management, and decision-making, among others. These experiential soft skills seminars, in addition to enhancing participants’ socio-emotional capacity, will strengthen their ability to tackle business projects efficiently and effectively.

It’s worth noting that the program includes a commitment from the sponsoring company to hire at least 50% of the individuals who complete the three-month training program. This commitment is based on belief in the participants’ potential and may even reach 100% if market conditions and results are favorable.

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The Talent Incubator invites you to participate in the SPEED SURPRISE program, a unique experience that promises to surprise you while actively and directly learning from top-level executives of a leading multinational company about business management.

This program is designed to provide you with practical and dynamic training through an interactive activity that applies techniques such as speed networking and Gamestorming.

The experience is completely free and involves immersing yourself in the world of a prominent multinational company, getting to know the organization’s peculiarities: scope of operations, market strategies, competitive factors, human resources policies, and its distinctive organizational culture.

The most exciting part is the SURPRISE EFFECT. No participant knows in advance which company will be part of this experience, adding an element of excitement, reflection, and discovery.

The program will allow you to develop key skills such as teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, analytical skills, and creativity. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate in the company’s candidate search process that is part of this experience.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation, highlighting the acquired skills.

There will be two Speed Surprise sessions, one on the 4th at 11:30 a.m. in the San Jerónimo Room of the Faculty of Labor Relations, and another on the same day at 5:30 p.m. in the Work Room of the Faculty of Business.

If you are interested, please register before September 29th.


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Lactalis-Puleva and the University of Granada launch a pioneering chair in Spain for the promotion of internal innovation.

Pedro Mercado, Rector of the University of Granada, and David Saliot, General Director of Lactalis Puleva, announced in Granada the launch of a pioneering project to promote intrapreneurship and innovation capabilities. Following a meeting of the executive teams of both organizations, both leaders announced that the project will be developed through the establishment of the “Lactalis Puleva – University of Granada Chair for Intrapreneurship and Innovation.” The Chair will be directed by Juan Alberto Aragón Correa, Professor of Business Organization, and will have a monitoring team composed of representatives from both organizations. This Chair is the first in Spain focused on this topic and will also be an international reference in this field.

The leaders of Lactalis Puleva and the University of Granada have highlighted that both organizations share common characteristics that enhance the potential of their collaboration. On one hand, the leadership of both organizations in their respective activities is based on their internal capacity for innovation. Saliot emphasized that Lactalis Puleva distinguishes itself from its competitors by having a significant portion of its business based on internally developed innovative products that address dietary needs while paying special attention to health aspects. In turn, Pedro Mercado emphasized the University of Granada’s leading position in international rankings thanks to its researchers’ ability to lead research and advanced projects in multiple fields of knowledge. Finally, both leaders emphasized that both organizations carry out most of their operations from Granada, having a significant positive impact on their immediate territory, which they aim to continue enhancing.

The programs of the newly established Chair aim to leverage the experience of executives and professors to help undergraduate and postgraduate students identify the advantages and tools related to organizational innovation. The methodologies employed to achieve these objectives will also be original, in line with those commonly used in the University of Granada’s Talent Incubator, where the Chair will be based. All programs will be completely free for the selected participants and, in some cases, may even include paid internships and employment opportunities.

The ultimate aspiration of Lactalis Puleva and the University of Granada is that participants in the Chair’s programs can advance their professional careers, opening pathways for their incorporation into either of the two organizations or others where innovation values are also relevant. Promoting high-quality professional careers in a local environment and ensuring that these careers have a positive impact on the region has been highlighted by Mercado and Saliot as an integral part of what the company and university have been doing and now intend to further promote through the Chair’s establishment.

Meeting was attended by a qualified representation of both organizations who discussed details about the Chair’s activities. From Lactalis Puleva, in addition to its General Director, Sonia Rodríguez Muriel, Director of Human Resources, and Jorge Oliva, Communication Manager, were present and will lead the company’s participation in the Chair. Furthermore, Estefanía Moreno, Director of Key Account Sales, and María Reyes, HR Business Partner, also attended the meeting and will lead the monitoring of the Chair’s activities. On behalf of the University of Granada, in addition to its Rector and the Chair’s Director, Esteban Romero, Vice-Rector for Social Innovation, Employability, and Entrepreneurship, Antonio Marín, Director of Sponsorship and Patronage, Carlos Centeno, Director of the Communications Office, and Lola Vidal, Associate Professor of Business Organization and co-Director of the University of Granada’s Talent Incubator, actively participated in the meeting. All attendees emphasized that the establishment of this pioneering agreement and the Chair itself represent an example of intrapreneurship in two organizations capable of developing innovative collaborative initiatives with a positive social and management impact.