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December 2022


1024 726 Incubadora de Talento

Taking advantage of the attendance of the Rector, Pilar Aranda, we wanted to know her assessment of the impact that the Talent Incubator has had on the students during these five years of existence.


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The participants of the 6th Edition of the Professional Skills Acceleration Program visited the “School of Solidarity” Foundation to launch a Social Collaboration Initiative with this NGO.

The 20 students of the Program visited this Foundation whose purpose is to recover the family sense of people living in social exclusion. During the visit, they were welcomed by the founder of the organization, Ignacio Pereda, who showed them the facilities and explained that the School of Solidarity is based on the concept of a universal family where people live in community and where anyone is accepted regardless of their creed, ideas, religion or conviction.

The Foundation welcomes people living in uprootedness, social disadvantage, mistreatment or exclusion: mothers with children in emergency situations, young immigrants, adults and adolescents at risk. The Foundation currently has 20 open houses, 180 people and more than 30 children and its funding is based on contributions from members and the Food Bank.

In this context, students participate in a high performance team development activity whose purpose is to help the Foundation in any of its basic needs. The aim of the activity is for participants to improve their service leadership skills, increase their level of commitment to the Program, achieve a deep and integrated learning of teamwork skills, be able to boost performance at both individual and group level through self-knowledge and increase their employability by facing situations completely different from their normal activity, developing their ability to adapt to the environment and to change.

The activity was very well received by the participants and will end in March with an exhibition of the results.


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The conference “Research Career, beyond the dossier”, held on 14 December, was attended by 145 people interested in knowing in depth what are the grants currently available in Europe to access funding to develop a research career.

The conference was organised by the International Projects Office of the University of Granada in collaboration with the Talent Incubator, and it presented numerous current grant programmes through which interested parties can currently find funds to be able to devote themselves professionally to research.


1024 576 Incubadora de Talento

At the end of the period established for the development of the “GOOGLE CLOUD DIGITAL LEADER” Training Programme, organised by Google and the University’s Talent Incubator during the month of November, 100% of the students enrolled have completed the programme with grades above 8 out of 10 in the four courses included in the Programme.

Considering the online nature of the courses and the fact that many of the students who have taken the courses had no previous knowledge of “digital cloud environments”, we consider the programme to have been a complete success of which we are very proud. The combination of quality materials, the provision of highly committed students and the support provided throughout the programme have been key to achieving such a favourable result.

These data confirm the University’s policy, shared with the multinational Google, which has actively collaborated, on the need to continue reinforcing the complementary offer of digitalisation programmes for students of all university degrees.

The programme was a pilot experience aimed at students who had little training in this area and its objective was to improve the employability of university students by enhancing their digital skills. We hope to continue to run this type of digital training projects in the future.

Congratulations to all participants!


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The Rector of the University of Granada, Pilar Aranda, joined us at our last Alumni meeting, and we wanted her to give us her assessment of what this Talent Incubator has meant impact this collaboration between private companies and the University has on the students.


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20 of the best students of the University of Granada have received intensive training in leadership and coaching this weekend.

The Talent Incubator of the University of Granada has brought together 20 “Top” students, with the best academic records from different faculties, for a weekend intensive to train in high-performance professional skills and leadership. Enthusiasm, great participation and energy characterised this new class of Incubator students.

Throughout the intensive weekend they worked on “soft skills”, personal qualities that determine an individual’s leadership capacity. Specifically, this weekend is dedicated to training in emotional intelligence where students learn experientially at all times through dynamics and exercises. It is a very practical and highly applicable training where personal development and self-knowledge tools are used. The intensive course marks the start of the 6th edition of the Professional Skills Acceleration Programme, through which, for 9 months, the students create a powerful networking network thanks to the enormous socialisation process achieved by sharing experiential situations and working on beliefs, emotions and behavioural guidelines in a group setting.

Three instructors have guided the students during the two days to analyse how we think, feel or react to certain situations: María del Mar Méndez, Ana Martín-Moreno and Lola Vidal, coaches with extensive experience in training of these characteristics.


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The Talent Incubator and the International Projects Office of the University of Granada are organising an informative seminar on 14 December, from 10:00 to 12:00 h., entitled “International Research Career, beyond the dossier”.

The University of Granada considers that the training of new generations of researchers is a key issue in its policy of promoting research, since the acquisition of scientific and technical skills in academic and business environments is vital not only for the development of the country’s international leadership, but is also a fundamental pillar of social and economic progress and welfare.

To this end, the development of forums and information days is necessary so that students who are interested in developing a research career have all the information they need to be able to do so. This conference is part of the activities that the Talent Incubator develops open to the university community in general and focuses on raising awareness of the various opportunities that exist to start or continue a research career in the international arena, focusing on different initiatives or funding channels that are currently available both in Spain and in the European Union.

The session will include a general presentation on the typology of grants for the development of a research career, depending on the experience of the candidates and will explain the programmes and grants that are currently in force.

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