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January 2020


1024 576 Incubadora de Talento

The Talent Incubator launches the Supernova Program aimed at promoting vocations in the digital field in high-school high-school female students

25 of the best students of the Bachelor of Science and Technology of five institutes of Granada will participate in an academic and professional orientation program that will provide specific information on university training related to information and communication technologies.


The Talent Incubator of the University of Granada, in collaboration with the company Alight NGA Human Resources, will develop in the coming months this Program focused on the formative projection of female high school students. The objective is to help participants to decide on their future training in tertiary education linked to the digital economy, especially in training related to information and communication technologies.


The program is based on maintaining and supporting vocations that students may have as a starting point, and complementing their decision with the contribution of objective information on qualifications that, even with outstanding work potential, are minority selected by girls.


Also note that the Supernova Program has, in addition to the direct impact on the group of selected girls, a marked nature of transfer and dissemination. Therefore, the program includes, beyond academic and professional advice to participating students, different initiatives to raise awareness among teachers and families, as well as high school students in general.


1024 576 Incubadora de Talento

The University of Granada, together with the company Alight NGA HR, continues to bet on the development of talent and the high capacities of its brightest students

Tomorrow, January 24, at 12 noon in the Convalescent Room of the Royal Hospital, the presentation of the Third Edition of the Program of Acceleration of Professional Competences of the Chair of Talent and Leadership of the University of Granada will take place.

Pilar Aranda, Rector of the University of Granada and Aitor Vinós, Vice President of Alight NGA Human Resources will participate in this event along with Alberto Aragón and Lola Vidal, Director and General Coordinator of the Talent Chair.

Once again, 20 of the best students at the University of Granada will work on developing high performance skills. The 20 participating boys have been chosen for their high potential and for 6 months they will work on the development of highly demanded competencies within the labor market such as the development mentality (wanting to grow and improve continuously), concentration capacity, communication skills , the capacity for innovation, teamwork, leadership and emotional intelligence, among others.

On this occasion, the participants will also work in depth on the sustainable development objectives, following the current university policy to support the objectives set by the UN for the year 2030. This is intended to ensure that this edition has a markedly social character where boys work to support disadvantaged groups, thus developing their ability to improve their close social environments through collaborative initiatives.

As on previous occasions, this Program is fully funded by the company alight NGA Human Resource, which actively works with the University of Granada to develop the talent and potential of its students.