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February 2024


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On February 23rd and 24th, the Hotel Tent in Granada became the epicenter of an innovative training program for young talents. Participants of the Opportunity Day Program, an initiative launched by the Chair of Intrapreneurship of Lactalis Puleva in collaboration with the University of Granada, immersed themselves in two intensive days of leadership training and key skills essential for success in the job market.

The event featured two prominent trainers in the field of personal and professional development: Ana Martín-Moreno, known for her deep knowledge in emotional management and coaching techniques, and Lola Vidal, co-director of the Talent Incubator. Both experts shared their knowledge and experiences, providing attendees with practical tools to improve their interpersonal competencies and leadership skills.

The collaboration between Lactalis Puleva and the University of Granada has proven to be a fundamental pillar in promoting intrapreneurship and innovation. The Opportunity Day Program, designed to enhance the capabilities of young entrepreneurs and future professionals, reflects the commitment of both institutions to educational excellence and talent development.

Throughout the weekend, participants had the opportunity to engage in various activities focused on strengthening soft skills such as effective communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, and ethical leadership. The training centered on these skills, considered essential for development in today’s fast-paced and constantly changing business environment.

The program not only provided a platform for learning and personal development but also offered young people the opportunity to connect with each other, thus creating a networking network that will undoubtedly serve them greatly in their professional future.

With this activity, the cycle of initiatives for this academic year from the Chair of Intrapreneurship of Lactalis Puleva and the University of Granada comes to a close. Numerous activities have been developed in this first year of the Chair’s journey, and the balance is extremely positive by both institutions, reaffirming their role as catalysts for change and excellence in the business and academic fields.


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In an intense meeting between emerging talent and the business sector, the twenty young people from the Competency Acceleration Program had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Alight Solutions in Granada on February 23, in a day significant for both the students and the company.

Welcomed by executives and managers from various areas, the young talents were guided on a tour through the company’s facilities, where they had the opportunity to see and experience firsthand the organizational culture, dynamism, and innovation that characterize the work environment at Alight, as well as the design of the company’s workspace.

During the visit, participants also attended a series of professional presentations that provided a detailed view of different departments that are currently growing within the company. Through these interactions, the youths obtained valuable information on the internal workings of a leading company in its sector, as well as the skills required to succeed in today’s professional environment.

Alight’s executives highlighted the importance of establishing such links between the academic world and the business sector. “This meeting not only allows these talented young people to glimpse the possible career paths available within a company like ours, but it also gives us the opportunity to be inspired by their fresh ideas and innovative perspectives,” commented Javier Toni, VP of Application Services at Alight.

Reflecting on the experience, one of the young participants, Victor Puerta, shared: “Visiting Alight has been very enriching as it has allowed us not only to learn how the different areas of a cutting-edge company operate, but we have also seen how talent is valued and promoted here.”

This meeting has once again reinforced the company’s commitment to the development of young talent from the University of Granada and its involvement in programs that foster the potential of young students.