• 06/03/2024
1024 724 Incubadora de Talento

On March 13th, participants of the Acceleration Program had the opportunity to attend a specialized workshop titled “Overcome Your Limitations,” led by coaching expert Jorge Blanco from the Senttia Leadership School. The event took place at the Faculty of Business at the University, with the aim of serving as a point of reflection and inflection for attendees by offering them tools and strategies focused on overcoming personal and professional barriers.

The workshop is meticulously designed to learn how to confront a wide range of limitations, fears, and barriers that professionals frequently face on their path to success. Blanco, with his extensive experience in the field of personal and professional development, promises to provide a dynamic and transformative learning space.

In the words of Jorge Blanco, “At Senttia, we firmly believe in the power of self-awareness as a cornerstone for success. This workshop will not only offer techniques to identify and overcome internal limitations but will also provide a space for deep reflection and personal growth.”

Participants in the program, selected for their potential and talent, thus had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a guided introspective process designed to develop their full potential. This event is one of the many activities organized by the program to provide its members with cutting-edge resources and access to tools used by business leaders.