• 13/03/2024
879 872 Incubadora de Talento

The CB Granada celebrates its victory with collaborators and participants of the talent development program.

Last Sunday, March 10th, CB Granada celebrated a memorable victory against Bilbao Basket, and among the privileged spectators who shared this epic moment were the participants of the Competence Acceleration Program (CAP). The team’s victory, an unforgettable moment for the sports community, was captured in an exciting snapshot that brought together prominent members of the program, the team captain, and essential collaborators.

The photograph, taken at court level, features the team captain, David Iriarte (@diriurdi), sharing the excitement of the triumph with the participants of the Competence Acceleration Program, Javier Toni, VP Application Services of Alight Solutions, and Juan Alberto Aragón, professor at the University of Granada and Co-Director of the UGR Talent Incubator.

The support of these talented young people, along with 8,000 other passionate fans, was crucial to CB Granada’s success on the court, highlighting the importance of teamwork and collaboration in sports.

The CB Granada Foundation and Alight Solutions (@alight_solutions) hosted this exciting encounter, bringing together the sports and academic community in an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie. We especially thank Pilar Guillén (@pilargu) from Alight Solutions for her generous invitation and continued support to Granada’s sports teams, as well as the University of Granada (@canalugr) for making this enriching experience possible.

To the participants of the Competence Acceleration Program, selected for their outstanding academic performance in various faculties and schools of the University of Granada, we extend our gratitude for their exceptional dedication and contribution to the success of this exciting event.

May this victory inspire future generations and further strengthen the bonds between Granada’s sports and academic community.