• 28/09/2023
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The Talent Incubator and the multinational T-Systems Iberia have launched the #youlearnSAP Program, a specific and highly practical training program to train SAP consultants with great professional potential.

The University of Granada and T-Systems Iberia inaugurated the #youlearnSAP Program. This training program is the result of an intense collaboration aimed at transforming 25 students from various academic backgrounds into highly skilled consultants in SAP enterprise management software.

The main goal of the #youlearnSAP Program is to provide students with guidance, quality training, and paid professional experience, focusing on those interested in digitization and developing successful careers with a leading multinational in the digital field.

One of the program’s highlights is the practical training that students receive in the use of SAP software, along with the development of key professional skills in today’s business world, such as effective communication, assertiveness, teamwork, time management, and decision-making, among others. These experiential soft skills seminars, in addition to enhancing participants’ socio-emotional capacity, will strengthen their ability to tackle business projects efficiently and effectively.

It’s worth noting that the program includes a commitment from the sponsoring company to hire at least 50% of the individuals who complete the three-month training program. This commitment is based on belief in the participants’ potential and may even reach 100% if market conditions and results are favorable.

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