3rd Edition Poli-lingua Program


Digitalization is already on the agenda. All businesses must be prepared for, or engage in, this new digital environment, in the knowledge that enhancing the efficiency of their services is critical to their success. The growth of the business sector supporting this digitalization is therefore unstoppable, and is the sector that currently offers the most jobs and best salaries on the labor market. Many students finishing their university studies in a variety of fields, actually have strong potential for employment with digital companies. What they require is information, fluency in foreign languages, and a willingness to learn from fields other than their degree, where their skills and qualities can make a significant difference.

The Poli-lingua program is aimed at providing mentoring, training, and professional experience to students with strong language skills to help them embark on successful careers in digital businesses.

Program Activities

Selection of High-Language Proficiency Students

We are looking for students with a high level in a non-Spanish language. Specifically, we are seeking students with proficiency in English, French, German, Danish, Dutch, and Italian.

Experiential Training

The program includes a series of in-person experiential workshops on leadership, communication, and high-performance professional skills.

Paid Internships

A period of paid internships lasting 5 to 6 months at a top-tier multinational company in the digital sector located in Granada.

Why participate?

Live a Unique Experience

Enjoy a unique experience with other high-potential students who will enrich your thinking with their different profiles, skills, and degrees, and discover an inspiring group for future networking.

Internship in a Multinational Company

You will have the opportunity to work in a leading multinational company in the digital business sector with a six-month paid internship.

A different way of learning

You will acquire a set of distinctive personal and professional skills highly desired in business. You will enhance the key soft skills in such high demand on the labor market as teamwork, effective communication, or personal confidence, and combine them with extensive digital skills.

Demonstrable Knowledge and High-Value Certification

The certificate of your participation in this program will give your CV high added value leading to opportunities in the digital business sector

Cost of the Program

This program is COMPLETELY FREE OF COST for the students selected. The total per-person program cost of 4000 euros is covered entirely by its sponsor, Alight, in collaboration with the University of Granada (Spain).

Dates and Program Registration


Pre-registration (From September 15th to October 15th, 2023): The number of spots is limited. Interested individuals should pre-register by uploading their CV to the TalentiaPoint platform (www.talentiapoint.com) and including “POLI24” in the “code” field (if your profile is already on the platform, simply enter the code now to confirm your interest in this activity).


Selection Confirmation (Late October 2023): You will receive an email containing important program details and its schedule.


Orientation Session, November 2023 (date to be determined): It will take place at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of the University of Granada with the presence of executives from Alight and the Talent Incubator.


Program Sessions (November – December 2023): The program consists of 4 in-person workshops focused on developing key skills currently in demand in the job market, such as communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, adaptability to change, etc.


Paid Digital Training Internships at Alight Solutions (February – July 2024, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm): These internships will be with Alight Solutions, a multinational specializing in technology solutions related to human resource management.


All participants who complete the entire program will receive a certificate of achievement endorsed by the University of Granada.