Lactalis Puleva Industrial Opportunity Day – UGR

Purpose of the Program

The Talent Incubator of the University of Granada, in collaboration with Lactalis Puleva, offers this training and career development program aimed at individuals with the potential to become technical personnel in operational areas such as R&D, industrial quality, food safety, environment, and production. Specifically designed for individuals with educational backgrounds in university degrees such as chemistry, biology, food science and technology, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy, nutrition and dietetics, biological analysis, laboratory diagnostics, environmental sciences, among others…


Program Objective

The program aims to connect university students and recent graduates with high potential to interesting career paths suitable for their profiles. It provides them with high-level training in management skills and soft skills, along with an opportunity to start a professional career focused on technical positions within the company.

Program Activities

Participant Selection:

The program is open to final-year undergraduate or master’s students with education related to chemistry, biology, food science and technology, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy, nutrition and dietetics, biological analysis, laboratory diagnostics, among others. The pre-registration deadline is February 5, 2024.

Participation in Talent Recruitment Experience:

Due to the limited number of positions (14 scholarship positions), a selection process will be conducted among interested students.

Preselected individuals will participate on February 15, from 17:00 to 20:00, at the Faculty of Business in the intensive event “Industrial Opportunity Day.” This event will allow them to get to know the company better and engage in various activities and dynamics, providing a unique experience in a high-performance talent search process.

The company’s departmental areas seeking talent are:


After this first phase, preselected individuals will be called for the second selection phase during the second half of February at the company’s facilities to participate in specific activities and selection interviews.

High-Performance Training in Management Skills:

In addition to professional experience, the Industrial Opportunity Day initiative includes intensive training in “soft skills” and management skills. Participants will learn, in a completely practical way, to improve core skills for their professional careers, such as effective communication, leadership, teamwork, decision-making, among others. The sessions will be in-person and experiential, taking place during an intensive weekend at the TENT Hotel in Granada. They will be conducted by professional coaches with extensive experience in this field.

Socialization Time:

During the training sessions, breaks and socialization times are planned to facilitate participants getting to know each other, exchanging opinions, and building connections. The program also provides some meals and coffee breaks where participants can form a support network in a relaxed environment, contributing to a successful professional integration.

Training Scholarships:

After the selection and training period, the program offers participants a professional career plan that begins with a scholarship to join Lactalis Puleva. Participants will join the company’s Granada headquarters, and they need to have the means to travel to the company’s facilities. The scholarships will last for 6 months with a schedule from 9 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday, and a monthly compensation of 450 euros.

What Programs Offer to Participants?

Unique Opportunity

To acquire highly valuable high-performance training that is often difficult to access, focusing on distinctive skills highly valued in the job market. This training is typically exclusive to top executives of large companies, but program sponsorship allows participants to receive it through their admission to the Initiative.

Highly Desired Professional Skills

Significantly improve skills necessary for a successful career in today’s job market, with an emphasis on soft skills related to communication and teamwork.

Personal Experience

Living and collaborating with other high-potential students with diverse profiles and backgrounds, allowing for significant personal enrichment.


Training sessions with specialized coaches, the immersion session at the company’s headquarters, and dedicated socialization time in the programs enable participants to develop networks with high-level professionals.

High-Value Certification

The Talent Incubator of the University of Granada issues a certification confirming participation in an exclusive program for fostering talent in Bright University Students, adding significant value to the resume.

Work in a Multinational

The programs allow participants to directly enter the workforce and become part of the team of a highly prestigious multinational company with a significant market share.

Program Cost

The program is COMPLETELY FREE for selected participants. The cost of the program, amounting to 1,000 euros per person, is fully sponsored by Lactalis Puleva in collaboration with the University of Granada. Additionally, selected individuals will receive corresponding compensation when they begin their professional experience.