TAO Expert Program in Digital Transformation of Public Administrations

Purpose of the Program

The improvement of public services is increasingly gaining attention and is a constant presence on all public agendas. Quality services are necessary to enhance the quality of life for individuals and the daily experiences of citizens. Therefore, there is an urgent need to improve the coordination, automation, accessibility, and transparency of services provided by all public administrations, especially those closest to the people, such as municipalities, provincial councils, or community associations.

The private sector and public administrations are making significant investments in these changes and are looking for qualified individuals to help understand, design, and implement the digitalization of public services. This field offers highly qualified jobs with attractive contracts and salaries in both the public and private sectors. The goal of these jobs is to contribute to this revolution based on high-quality public service management.

Many students graduating from various academic fields have high potential to join digital companies. The primary requirement for working in these companies is an interest in this field, a willingness to learn specific programs, and the necessary orientation to make a difference.

The TAO Expert Program, developed by the Talent Incubator and funded by T-Systems, aims to provide guidance, training, and paid professional experience to students interested in public revenue management. This program is designed to help them start a successful career in a multinational digital company.

Expected Schedule

The third edition of the program will follow this schedule:

  • Processing of applications and participant selection: June, July, and September 2024
  • Soft skills training and Tao Expert program: October to November 2024 (morning sessions from Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM)
  • Practical project development: November to December 2024 (independent remote work with tutors and final defense)
  • Holiday break: Christmas
  • Company integration: January 15, 2025 (with a minimum of 50% commitment to hiring)


The theoretical and practical training will take place at the Faculty of Business Studies at the University of Granada and at T-Systems Iberia facilities in the Health Technology Park (PTS) in Granada.


If you are interested in participating in this great opportunity to start your professional career in a top-tier global company, you only need to be registered on TalentiaPoint (www.talentiapoint.com). Ensure that you update all information about your profile and contact details there, and very importantly, enter the code TAO2024 in the corresponding field of your TalentiaPoint profile.


Program Activities

Participant Selection

The program is open to recent graduates and final-year bachelor’s or master’s students who are interested in improving public service management and are eager to learn both a leading digitalization support program and advanced professional skills. A selection process will be conducted among applicants to ensure that participants have the appropriate interest and motivation.

Experiential and Practical Training

During an intensive two-month training period, you will learn in a completely practical manner how to design processes to improve the digital management of public services using the TAO software, one of the most widely used by public administrations in Spain. This training will be complemented by practical seminars aimed at enhancing key professional skills such as effective communication, teamwork, time management, and decision-making.

Commitment to Employment

T-Systems has committed to hiring at least 50% of all participants who complete the training period. This percentage can increase, as seen in previous editions, depending on market expansion in the coming months, currently experiencing significant growth, and the quality and motivation of the participants.

Why Participate?

Experience Unique Learning

You will engage intensively with other high-potential students from diverse backgrounds, enriching your perspective and forming a powerful networking group.

Acquire Distinctive Competencies

You will develop a set of highly valued skills in the job market through a completely practical and even enjoyable approach. The experiential seminars will teach you how to enhance key “soft skills” that are highly prized in the job market. Teamwork, effective communication, meeting coordination, and personal confidence are highly differentiating competencies that will be intensively developed.

A Different Learning Experience

Through the program, you will acquire a set of distinctive skills highly valued in the job market with a completely practical and enjoyable approach. Experiential seminars will show you how to improve some of the key “soft skills” highly valued in the job market. Teamwork, effective communication, meeting coordination, and personal confidence are highly differentiating competencies that will be intensively worked on. Additionally, you will practically learn how to handle a leading program for the digitalization of public services.

Enter the Job Market with a Strong Start

The program involves a significant commitment to employment from the sponsoring company, and you will also open doors to professional opportunities in multiple companies and public administrations related to digitalization services.

High-Value Certification

You will gain an in-depth understanding of the opportunities offered by the digital sector and obtain a participation certificate that will add significant value to your resume.

Program Cost

The program is COMPLETELY FREE for all selected participants. The program cost is 4,500 euros per person, fully sponsored by T-Systems Iberia in collaboration with the University of Granada through the Chair in Digital Sustainability Innovation. Additionally, T-Systems has committed to hiring at least 50% of the participants, who will begin working immediately upon completing their training.