Inclusive Laboratory for young people with learning diversity and high potential at UGR

Purpose Of The Program

To help young alumni with high potential and special needs at the UGR improve their digital skills and, in this way, promote their inclusion in the labor market to lead to social transformations through inclusive training.

Specific Objectives

Provide a non-formal training offer based on transversal competencies to favor greater and better employability of this group.

Provide training tools to high potential young alumni of the University to help them develop their digital skills, widely demanded by current job market trends.

Involve twice exceptional young alumni in networks of high potential young alumni of the UGR, in particular with students who have completed the programs of the University’s own Talent Incubator.

Who is it intended for?

The beneficiaries of this project are twice-exceptional young alumni of the University of Granada, with talent and some kind of disability that affects their learning.

Activities of the Program

The program proposes a series of digital upskilling and/or reskilling transversal activities over several months. Their purpose will be to provide useful tools/capabilities applicable to any training profile. To this end, we will count on the participation of professionals of maximum relevance in the gap to be covered.
These activities are integrated into 4 training workshops on the following topics:

Personal branding
Data Protection
Collaborative software

Program Cost

The program is COMPLETELY FREE for the students involved and has been sponsored by the Vice-Rectorate for Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability of the University of Granada.



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