Future and Sustainability: Research for a Better World

The Digital Sustainability Innovation Chair of the University of Granada is organizing the FYS event as a meeting and exchange point among a selection of the best researchers who are developing their doctoral theses, or have recently defended them, on topics related to sustainability. We aim to make it an interdisciplinary event, inviting people from different doctoral programs to participate and address the multiple technological, social, scientific, and economic perspectives that sustainability encompasses.

The participants will enjoy a unique opportunity to give visibility and recognition to their work and to meet other people who could be the basis for the development of future projects and collaborations. In addition, the event aims to offer keys to assess the applicability of their research in the search for sustainability and the professional potential that their research can contribute. The Talent Incubator will provide a certificate of presentation and participation in the event, and various honorary awards are expected to be granted to participants.

The “Digital Sustainability Innovation Chair” is an initiative created jointly by the University of Granada and T-Systems to promote the capabilities of university students so that they can be a fundamental engine of change in the sustainability of the planet. All activities of the Chair are completely free for its participants.


The objective of the FYS event is to provide a forum for researchers in training to join their knowledge and talent in the search for synergies that reinforce their research and their own professional opportunities. It aims to help its participants to make visible the research they develop, to assess its interest, and to find possible collaborators to reinforce their research and initiate future projects of interest.

Participant Selection

Individuals with the most promising research related to any dimension of sustainability and a better future for the planet will receive an invitation to participate. If you believe that your work could be of interest for the event and have not received an invitation, please contact us (nortiz@ugr.es) and we will consider your proposal.

The number of available spots is very limited. Invited individuals who wish to confirm their registration and those interested in submitting a proposal must send an email to nortiz@ugr.es. This email should include the title of your work and your doctoral program, your contact information, the name of your thesis advisor, and a brief summary (max. 1000 words) in Spanish or English of your doctoral work.

This edition of the FYS Event is primarily aimed at individuals who are currently conducting their doctoral thesis or have recently completed it in doctoral programs at the University of Granada. We aim to create an interdisciplinary event that involves students from different doctoral programs, reflecting the multiple relevant dimensions of sustainability.

What does this conference offer to participants?

Visibility and improvement of your research

The FYS conference seeks to give visibility to your work and obtain interesting ideas from qualified individuals who share your passion for researching a better world and who can provide different perspectives that support the sustainability of the planet.

Networking and collaboration opportunities

During the conference, you will be able to share your research with other doctoral students/doctors who are also researching in this field. The coexistence with brilliant researchers, with varied profiles and backgrounds, allows for personal enrichment and professional opportunities for the development of possible collaborative projects. Many funding calls and initiatives require collaborators from different fields, and here you will find an opportunity to meet some of the best.

Professional opportunities

This conference will include sessions to assess the professional potential that your research offers both in the academic and research fields as well as outside them.


The Talent Incubator of the University of Granada will provide you with a certificate of presentation and participation in the FYS conference. In addition, the conference is expected to award several honorary prizes.

Cost of the Conference

The event is COMPLETELY FREE for the researchers finally selected to participate. The cost of the event is estimated at 400 euros per person and is fully sponsored by T-Systems and the University of Granada.