• 28/11/2023
1024 576 Incubadora de Talento

Training in change and the unexpected makes learning through fun a valuable tool for acquiring essential skills and tools.

Many education experts argue that the best way to learn is through fun and entertaining activities that enhance students’ attention and motivation. Games are a way to simulate reality and a learning tool to gradually and enjoyably train and learn complex problem-solving. Well-applied games require good communication and activate learning mechanisms by impacting the emotional area, helping to deal with concepts such as failure, effort, complexity, and more.

In this workshop, the participants of the Women Talent 4.0 Program engaged in a learning session focused on adapting to change and solving challenging problems using the gamification technique of an Escape Room. This technique allows participants to learn how to overcome challenges as a group, solving problems within a controlled time frame that induces considerable stress. It is a challenging and demanding learning activity that develops various skills such as empathy, conflict resolution, imagination, teamwork, attention, planning, memory, goal orientation, collaboration, and more. The workshop was led by Alejandro Ortiz, a professor at the University of Granada and an expert in human resources management and leadership skills, and was funded by Alight Solutions, the sponsor of the Chair of Talent and Leadership.