• 07/04/2024
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On April 12th, the Talent Incubator hosted an innovative event aimed at enhancing professional skills in a dynamic way.

Under the title “Soft Skills through Gamification,” the seminar was led by Professor Alejandro Ortiz, an expert in HR management and leadership skills.

The event took place at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, with its main objective being to equip participants with fundamental soft skills for professional success, such as effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity, among others. The highlight of this seminar was its practical approach, using gamification as the main tool for learning.

This seminar was aimed at students who have been selected as part of the Talent Incubator’s Competence Acceleration Program. These students represent a select group with exceptional potential, ready to make the most of this professional development opportunity.

The event was supported and sponsored by the company “Alight,” recognized for its commitment to the training and professional growth of emerging talents. Their support ensures the quality and success of this seminar, providing additional resources to enhance participants’ experience through the Talent and Leadership Chair and the Talent Incubator.