• 25/04/2023
1024 684 Incubadora de Talento

The T-Systems – University of Granada Chair for Digital Sustainability designs and delivers a course on Sustainable Strategies for employees of the company in Germany.

The headquarters of the multinational T-Systems in Germany annually hosts a program for its employees with high potential for the future. This program includes training and mentoring for a group of employees from various departments, focused on topics of special strategic interest. Different professors from the University of Granada who are also members of the T-Systems – UGR Chair for Digital Sustainability have designed and delivered a course on Environmental Strategy in the 2022-2023 edition of this program for young employees of the company.

The course has been structured and developed entirely by the Chair, incorporating five thematic blocks related to sustainability in businesses and its implications. Specifically, the topics addressed aspects such as the advantages and challenges of environmental innovation in companies, the implications and requirements of the circular economy, the necessary organizational changes for its implementation, or the most effective indicators of sustainable management in the company, among others. This course on Sustainable Strategies was conducted entirely online in this edition, with multiple synchronous sessions for all participants. It is planned that in the future, the experience can be repeated with in-person developments.

The course concluded with the selection of the best final projects presented by the participants. This year’s edition included a case study focused on the global automotive industry, in which some of the sustainability challenges that the industry must address were discussed, and where digital innovations could play a key role.

Photo: Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash