Chair of Innovation in Digital Sustainability

Contributing to a more sustainable future

The Chair of Innovation in Digital Sustainability is an initiative created by the University of Granada in partnership with T-Systems to strengthen university students’ transformation capabilities to make a sustainable difference in the world.

The Chair is the first public-private initiative focused on digital sustainability in a European university. T-Systems and the University of Granada believe that this collaborative effort can make a difference in the field of sustainability.

The Talent Incubator at the University of Granada will host the Chair of Innovation in Digital Sustainability. The Talent Incubator offers an academic, professional, and interpersonal environment in which students with high potential can consolidate and accelerate their skills to generate sustainable improvements in their professional careers and society.

Promoting Sustainable Thinking

The Chair develops initiatives to generate seed ideas with the potential to transform the digital industry in the future by making a sustainable difference. ICT and digitalization are significant enablers to curb emissions and play a relevant role in a positive transformation of society. We look for undergraduate and graduate students’ ideas to make it possible in multiple fields.

Developing Innovative Learning Opportunities

The Chair aims to promote soft skills and technical digital knowledge in talented university students to guarantee successful professional opportunities and opportunities to lead sustainable changes. We develop very innovative free training with the potential of providing technical expertise and sustainable values. The participants are selected to guarantee outstanding commitment and capacity.

Generating Sustainable Commitment

Society needs to know about our digital world’s social, environmental, and economic impacts. The Chair is a forum for open dialogue and diffusion of innovative ideas. We bring together multiple experts with the potential to contribute to a compelling conversation about a more sustainable society through digital solutions.

Chair Direction

J. Alberto Aragón Correa

Full Professor in the Department of Business Organization at the University of Granada (Spain).

Honorary Professor of Management at the University of Surrey (United Kingdom).

Lola Vidal Salazar

Associate Professor in the Department of Business Organization II at the University of Granada (Spain).

Personal and professional development coach.

Chair Beneficiaries

The Chair of Innovation in Digital Sustainability offers innovative free programs mainly aimed at university students and other educational activities open to the general public.


The Chair training programs are aimed at high-potential undergraduate and graduate university students. Most of the training programs focus simultaneously on software and skills with the possibility of making a difference to achieve the goal of sustainability. The financial support of the Chair allows offering these training initiatives free of charge for all the selected participants.

Innovative Communities

The Chair develops initiatives to promote seed ideas with the potential of making digitalization a powerful tool for a more sustainable future. Researchers, senior professors, young PhD students, and brilliant students are invited to contribute from multiple academic perspectives.

General Public

Throughout the year, the Chair offers seminars, workshops, and conferences aimed at anyone interested in learning about sustainability in the digital industry, including topics such as value chain emissions, direct and indirect energy consumption, net-zero emissions, green data centers, digital inclusion, among others. Values, ethics, and engagements are also relevant to our interests.

The Chair's Strategic Initiatives


Training programs in digital knowledge and soft skills are offered for the participants to acquire knowledge and distinctive abilities for their personal and professional development.


Forums and meetings amongst academics, professionals, business executives, university students, and society allow for exchanging knowledge and experiences relevant to the Chair.


Study and research activities will lead to seed projects addressing issues related to the development of innovations to make more sustainable through ICT and digitalization.