Talent and Leadership Chair

Committed to making the world a better place

The Talent and Leadership Chair is an initiative created by the University of Granada in partnership with NGA Human Resources with the aim of strengthening the leadership and transformation capabilities of university students.

The Chair has launched the first University Talent Incubator in Spain. The Talent Incubator offers an academic, professional, and social environment in which students with high potential are able to consolidate and accelerate their opportunities to generate sustainable improvements in their professional and social circles. In order to achieve this, the Incubator has developed valuable, innovative, cutting-edge training activities and programs with content that complements their formal higher education syllabi. These programs focus on developing students’ competencies which are vital for success in the business world such as values based leadership, social and emotional intelligence, teamwork and creativity.

Developing innovative learning environments

Aimed at promoting leadership, creativity and self-improvement in talented young university students.

Bringing students closer

To a real and experiential vision of the world of business which will help them to manage abilities and distinctive competencies which are highly valued in the business world.

Generating enthusiasm

Amongst university students about their individual possibilities of building a better future.

Chair Direction

J. Alberto Aragón Correa

Full Professor in the Department of Business Organization at the University of Granada (Spain) and Honorary Professor of Management at the University of Surrey (United Kingdom)


Associate Professor in the Department of Business Organization II at the University of Granada (Spain)

Chair Beneficiaries

The Talent and Leadership Chair, through the TALENT INCUBATOR, offers specific training programs especially aimed at university students and other educational activities open to the general public.

Training Programs

The programs are aimed at university students with high potential and thanks to the financial support of the Chair and its sponsors they are carried out at no cost.

Open Activities

Throughout the year the Chair offers seminars, workshops and conferences aimed at anyone who is interested in learning about leadership, emotion management, creativity, entrepreneurship and personal development.

The Chair’s Strategic Plans


Training programs in high performance competencies are offered in order for the participants to acquire knowledge and distinctive abilities for their personal and professional development.


Development of forums and meetings amongst academics, professionals, business executives and university students which allow for the exchange of knowledge and experiences relevant to the Chair.


Study and research activities which will lead to concrete projects addressing issues related to the development of talent and leadership in the university environment.